Probability Praxis Vancouver

The performance is an interactive one, in which the audience are asked to be in it with us. Please perform the following ritual before the performance. The words you give us will shape the performance:

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Do something that makes you uncomfortable, for example talk to a stranger, take a cold shower, or walk through your neighbourhood wearing something you consider strange on your body.

Immediately afterwards, take a piece of paper. Write for two minutes on the topic: “What I would change in the world” and for two minutes on the topic “What I would change about myself.”

Find a pair of scissors. Cut the document into tiny scraps.

Give the scraps to a your mother or someone who plays some kind of maternal role, big or small, in your life. Ask them to give you three of the scraps.

Write the words from the scraps into this box:

Now bury the remaining scraps at the foot of a tree.