HYENAZ interview in Unraveled Artists

Image by Valeriu Catalineanu, at Guilty Vol 2, Control Club, Bucharest

HYENAZ were recently interviewed by Colin Peterson of LA-based band Terminal A.

One of the types of dance that we are inspired by is butoh, which asks us to listen to the essential element of our bodies—water—and see what any given impulse will manifest in physical action. We try to remain in the body and see what the body tells us in the context of live performance. This has been important to us throughout all of our artistic processes—seeing what the signals inside the body will bring. This is also important in a larger political context. How do we understand ourselves as we experience the world from inside the body we inhabit? How to play with and subvert this even as we inhabit it?

More here: http://unraveledartists.tumblr.com/post/104209980140/hyenaz-interview

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