Vesper Magazine – Best Musical Discoveries at SXSW 2014


Venue: Cheer Up Charlie’s
Spontaneous circumstances: I was watching a drummer dressed like bumble bee beat a floor tom. She was backed by a bassists dressed like Yoko Ono. I wasn’t into it. We ducked into the indoor venue on a tip from Oli, a friend who’d first seen them in Berlin. His eyes widened, “You’re going to love them!”

What happened next was both beautiful, frightening, and arousing. The duo were dressed in robes, their faces obscured by bejeweled headscarves. Backed by thumping, sparkly synth tracks the two breathed spooky, harmonic vocals between choreographed bursts of sweaty, tribal dances in which they ripped off layer after layer of clothing. The act cresendo’d in sexual intensity to a sweaty catharsis performed in nothing more than a jock strap and panty hose. It was brilliant.

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