Ex Situ feat Yusuph Suso

Ex Situ is a project of HYENAZ and Yusuph Suso, with the work of Lau Bau and Rodrigo Frenk. It is a live performance, a musical track, a music video, an audiovisual sculpture and an interactive web based app which maps the fragile technological threads from which human beings conduct transdimensional lives in past, current and future homelands.

Art and Extractivism Reading Group

READING AND DISCUSSING TOGETHER. This reading group is especially oriented towards reading together rather than reading outside the group. We hope that this close reading strategy can be a small act of resistance against the cultural colonization of Western academia, the hegemony of English, and the codified distinctions between the academic and the “non-academic” or the artist.


Perimeter will be featured at the exhibition Come Alive at Het Nieuwe Muntgebouw in Utrecht from June 3 – July 31 2022. COME ALIVE, is an Art exhibition shares love without a reason. The exhibition/festival offers 45 artists the space to share how their personal experiences and life choices let love without reason and the life force flow, collectively.


25-26 May, 2022: Berlin

Automine asks: what are bodies worth in the digital age? And answers this question through a performance of the performance through which bodies create value, for themselves, but most likely for others….


Testing. This is me testing

Location Sound Equipment List

Equipment Daily Rent Sound Devices MixPre-6 II Portable, Six-Track Audio Recorder with Timecode 45€ Sound Devices 702T Portable, Two-Track Audio Recorder with Timecode 30€ Sony PCM-D50 Portable Digital Audio Recorder 20€ Sony UWP Dual Wireless Lavalier Microphone system (470.025-542.000MHz): 1 x URX-P03D two channel receiver; 2 x UTX-B40 body pack transmitters; 2 x Sony ECM-V1BMP…

Sound Design

Hyenaz are Adrienne Teicher and Kathryn Fischer, who have an extensive background in location sound, musical score composition, sound design and post production. As both writers and performers, and with experience behind and in front of the camera, Fischer and Teicher are particularly suited to projects and subjects where sensitivity and artfulness are desired. As…

Queer Talks w. Nóra Ugron

Queer Talks: HYENAZ and Nóra Ugron on art, extractivism and continuity from a queer, decolonial and posthuman perspective. The talks were part of the complementary programme of the exhibition “Feel ~ Drift ~ Sing” in Triumf Amiria.

Sivan ben Yishai – Like Lovers Do (Memoiren der Medusa)

Written by Sivan Ben YishaiGerman Translation by Maren KamesAudiobook Sound Design by HYENAZ Book Presentation and performative reading: 24.03.2022 / Volksbühne Berlin Link: https://www.suhrkamptheater.de/theater/sivan-ben-yishai-like-lovers-do-memoiren-der-medusa-v-40388 Medusa wird im Mythos vom Gott der Meere vergewaltigt, woraufhin sie sich in eine geflügelte Gestalt mit Schlangenhaaren verwandelt, deren Anblick jeden zu Stein erstarren lässt. Medusas gewaltvolle, kaleidoskopisch angelegten Memoiren…