This ritual staging contains a section of the track Banishing 추방 from HYENAZ forthcoming album Critical Magic 비평적 마술.

Concept, music, styling, filming and editing of this staging by: HYENAZ
Mix Tweaking & High Definition Mastering by: Bartłomiej Kuźniak at Studio333.

The music for Critical Magic emerged from the site specific performance “Spectral Rite” at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul; in collaboration with the artists Sylbee Kim ( and Nico Pelzer (

Thanks to Quecke Autonomous Feminist Community ( for providing the space to conceive the Spectral Rite performance and record the Critical Magic album. HYENAZ returned to the original recording space at Quecke in order to film this staging.

Critical Magic is our attempt to engage critically with ritual in order to set intentions about changing both our selves in the world and the worldly structures of which we are a part.