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ART AND EXTRACTIVISM investigates how extractive processes (environmental, intellectual, and physical) are replicated within the performing and in particular the sonic arts. The concept of extractivism situates all kinds of “innocent practices” as carrying the potential for exploitation and harm….

Compendium of Tactics*

The following compendium is a by-no-means-exhaustive list of accountability practices during the field recording, filming and collaborative phase of a project. These practices are designed to upset, disrupt, and subvert extractivist or exploitative relationships which may otherwise occur during an artistic “exchange”. They have been compiled as result of research, conversations and experience gathered in…

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This gallery includes visual documentation of the Extraction project.

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This damp and amphibious track extrapolates from field recordings of an immense network of stuttering frogs, which we encountered on Yorta Yorta country in South-Eastern Australia. The frogs reacted to their presence and movement by altering the intensity and volume of their vocalizations, creating an organic techno. The singular texture of PROXIMITY is the result of this collaboration with wetland wildlife….


Columns is a response to militarized violence and to History, specifically the historicising mode which focuses on events and important persona, while blurring events and persona deemed unimportant or inconsequential.