HYENAZ Clastic EP will be featured on the January Edition of “THE EAR HAS TO TRAVEL” on Cashmere Radio this Monday. If you miss the live broadcast, you can stream the program here: https://cashmereradio.com/episode/the-ear-has-to-travel-28-revisiting-the-soundscape/

More about Clastic:

It is in mountains that the deep history of the world reveals itself, and it is in the play of sediments that the consciousness of minerals reveals itself. This consciousness mirrors in some ways the parasympathetic nervous system of human life, with its long neural pathways and preference for homeostasis: we are closer to rocks than we realise.

At this time, patterns of migration once again are compelling Europe to face once again the deadly paranoid mechanisms of othering by which it constructs its sense of self. The slow dance of rocks across generations is an encounter of entities that resists being subsumed by the hyperventilation of fear produced by a crisis mindset.

The sounds of Clastic emerged from a workshop HYENAZ led in the Dolomite mountains. They movements respond to the deep temporality of this landscape and the singular existence of the individual stones, branches and other objects that make their home there.