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On the mystifying and fierce CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술, HYENAZ followed a pattern set in their earlier works of beginning not with an eye for genre or some other music industry straightjacket, but with a set of personal, political and artistic commitments that they desired to enact and live up to.

“Our goal,” they explain “was to concoct a singular cohesive spell to disrupt the authoritarian power networks that deeply structure our lives and our sense of our selves.”

Ranging widely across electronc musical genre, CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술 commands a torrent of incantations, builds to a height of gnosis, and ends in a reality transformed. The sonic elements of the album are comprised of dedicated experiments in synthesis and intensive field recordings, arranged into diverse sonic atmospheres.


The music and texts for Critical Magic emerged from the site specific performance “Spectral Rite” at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul; written by HYENAZ in collaboration with the artists Sylbee Kim and Nicolas Pelzer.

Critical Magic was mixed by HYENAZ and Bartłomiej Kuźniak. High definition mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak at studio333.