Two bodies morphing giving the birth to a third one.
Loneliness is but a memory of that time before our axon trees intersected and became one. Once again.
A new consciousness.
How many stars had to die to so I could be?
Rejoice in the improbability of our existence!
Director Dusan Pejcic has created a cosmic body that morphs the animal and the transhuman.
Each breath a polysingularity, a monster, a goddess, an irreplaceable moment caught in a feedback loop, melodies dance on the edge of never never, cold and remote, warm, embracing, divine.
This is video is made for my amazing friends band “HYENAZ” and their even more amazing song “CYPHER”

Music by: HYENAZ

Mix Tweaking & High Definition Mastering by: Bartłomiej Kuźniak

Directed by: Dušan Pejčić