Essays on Art and Extractivism

These essays synthesize the reading and research we have done in the course of the Extraction research phase

  • The non-consensual field of consent within which the consent is extracted
    to a data set. That set was created from analysis about me. But “I” am not a data set and “I” as I arrived into the world did not consent to being a data set, in fact one could say my infancy qualified me as “not able to give consent.” My a/liveness was debatable, so my parents took over the acts of consenting to the extent that they were asked. It was said that I was born in January. I was given an identification number. I had no penis; I was recorded as FEMALE….
  • Why Speak about Extraction and Extractivism
    Why am I thinking about extractivism and what am I hoping to understand through this process? Part of what I would like to do is begin from a space of acknowledging that extractivist practices are inherent to most labour and creative processes, including my own, and to look that in its face. As a sound designer using field recordings–I may record the sound of an insect buzzing past me. The whizzing of its wings might become a synthesizer, made possible by a software that I was able to buy through work in capitalist labour, to install on a computer which… Continue reading Why Speak about Extraction and Extractivism
  • Regarding everyone and everything in the light of the irreplaceable
    As sound artists we make and take recordings. Can we talk about extracting minerals from a landscape and extracting sounds in the same breath? Are they manifestations of the same phenomenon? In what ways are they the same and in what ways are they different. Extracting minerals is removing something from a landscape leaving behind a scar. We found ourselves in such a scar when we were taken by a collection of men from a town in Southern Italy to a marble quarry. We descended, and at the base we bashed stones and made recordings. We took metal pieces and… Continue reading Regarding everyone and everything in the light of the irreplaceable