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Born From Death sounds like parallel universes crashing in on each other at a dirty warehouse rave.

HYENAZ (Kathryn Fischer and Adrienne Teicher) wrote Born From Death on a psychedelic journey in an old farmhouse owned by a queer collective outside of Berlin.

“The vocal at its core was actually some off-mic chatter we recorded by accident, and fell in love with.” HYENAZ explain. “We pushed these little grains of sound as hard so we could take a part of this experience with us and carry our altered states beyond into the everyday world, into the lifeworlds of our listeners.”

Born From Death appeared on the Critical Magic album that HYENAZ composed as a continuous musical chaos magic ritual lasting an hour. The “Chaos Edit” lifts the track from the broader soundscape and into a space where it can stand by itself, at parties, on dance floors, or at least for the time being, in the imagination.

The house remix was composed by Adrienne Teicher, one half of HYENAZ, who uses the pseudonym Bad Conscience on solo productions. “I was cooped up inside in the first Covid lockdown and I wanted to connect back to the ecstatic creativity we touched when writing Born From Death. I was also craving house music, something a little bit free-wheeling to raise my spirits.”

Written and Composed by Kathryn Fischer and Adrienne Teicher
Chaos Edit mastered by Bartłomiej Kuźniak / Studio 333
Bad Conscience House Remix mixed / mastered by Adrienne Teicher