immediate post-praxis notes

there are some things that we all do as humans: breathe, for example. consume food. i say this to make clear that there are some elements we may gravitate to – as humans – elements we may be drawn to. the mystery or beauty of animals, for example, or breathing together. chanting. we are not trying to mimic any particular tradition but rather move from impulse, move from the zero moment we find inside our bodies. it may mirror some of the impulses of others. given the long history of humanity we have, it would be tragic if we limited or censored each other by scoffing … that we are mimicking each other if and when we do the same things. there is, after all, so much we all do that is the same.

would i say that you copy if you were to breathe? and so many civilizations, so many humanities, cultures, central ideas, traditions, ways of being and rites of passage are same or similar. Remarkably there are so many ways we mirror each other, cross culturally, before trade, before globalization. before silk road. how ? why? because we are drawn to ritual, to certain instincts that lay within them. And yes, further, we cross-pollinate, re-combine. This bothers “us” – even the trendiness of RITUAL at present in the western world. But what of it? Ritual can, has been, and always will be owned and utilized by all of us.  –  alfabus