notes from show. Vancouver.

i still feel as though there needs to be a formula for creating a space of solace, a clearing. but this is something “ideal” that maybe is an illusion. maybe this needs to be done not at night but during the day. perhaps people need to sign up the way they would a workshop. then again, the point is to attract people who people who would be attending a concert for 5 bucks, not people who pay for workshops.

there were many who came up to me afterwards and said they felt that they had been pushed (in a good way) or unlocked (as well, in a good way) towards linking with strangers. finding something new within themselves. this is all we can really ask for. i felt, as i always do, insecure after the show, critical of my own performance, afraid that some had left or felt unwelcome or turned off. i would like to hear from those people … the why and the criticism and the lack of unity.  – alfabus