notes on improvement after masseria jesse

– circle should be breadcrumbs or sand. something soft so we don’t end up having to move it / destroy it.

– at some point i looked over at crevette and she was covered in blue makeup. stunning. i enjoyed so much incorporating her child body into our space. allowing her to do everyones makeup.

– provide the resource of pen and paper

– the prequel of the dinner chat with the warm up explanation, the physical warmup, the walking and the stretching, the writing warmup, committed to memory. all of this was extremely effective. we all came into the body much more together and were all participating more together than any other workshop.

– we have to think and plan more carefully for how to communicate across language barriers.

– how do we act more spontaneously and incorporate context better when it comes to the eight directions? 

– how can we encourage more people to participate ahead of time with their intentions?