reflections by Tereza Silon


Underdogs Ballroom, Prague, Czech


20 May 2017

Interlocuters: Hana Frisonsova and Tereza Silon

In May, I performed in Prague for my friends and inspiring artists/musicians HYENAZ and afterwards disappeared for a research of our upcoming workshop into the mountains with Mad Kate (Kathryn Fischer), a half of the duo. I still owe time to reflecting on this sonic chaosmagic-inspired critical space we danced in and transformed through. In a shadow of learning about the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, an area I lived in in London and relate closely to and have friends around (including Muslims friends who used to attend the mosque regularly), I feel like it is crucial to continue reflect not only on what type of art we’re making but whom does it include and how it is made, on how we occupy spaces and how we bring discussions around belonging, borders and critical transformation of collective potencies. I am so grateful Kate and Adrienne have taken me with them onto their project in Prague.

I have been thinking a lot of ethical processes and how it adds to a holistic value of the final ‘product’. Of course we find ourselves compromising every day, but maybe we should question how much compromise is REALLY necessary to make it happen t all – from where and how I perform to the question with whom and for who. I am sure there are many other questions to ask. It started permeating my way of looking at (not only) art and made me realize beauty in itself has never really been ‘enough-enough’ for me. Art is a magick and it is a tool of a communication and initiation/transmission for me. I desire to be able to make the most heartfelt and articulate transmissions I am in my potential capable of developing. The same way I massage bodies in one of my dayjobs and transmit a vibration (whatever that means) of acknowledgment of each person’s individual path and their idea of wholeness, I want to ‘massage’ our collective bod-y/ies – massage a bit and invigorate them somewhat too.