Show Reflections – Paris 17.12

We felt, overwhelmingly, that we had performed well. We were pleased with ourselves, with what we had achieved. Our dancers were a strong support, we had an experience, we were with one another, and with our audience. It was a strong encounter.

We felt some limitations. Our goal with the ritual has always been to meld with, into the audience. We have achieved this, in our small gathering in the pilgrim’s shelter in Murgia in southern Italy, at our album launch, in Bologna, these were strong experiences. From our perspective though it requires a strengthening of our ability to shape the context of the ritual. We would like to share a communal meal, to re-enliven our bodies through stretching and yoga, to talk politics, economics, magic and spirituality
with those gathered in order that when the ritual begins, we have constituted something like a spiritual public.

More and more, with the limitations imposed by arriving at a club, establishing the ritual space, soundchecking, entering costume and make up and performing, there is no time available to perform this necessary being with others, and so there is an uneasy tension between the normal expectations of a live music event (to provide entertainment) and the broader goals of our ritual (to connect, to find empowerment, to embolden collective action).

We have begun to think that, perhaps we should demarcate our club performance from our ritual performance, and enact the ritual only where those who bring us to a space or a venue are able to provide the conditions and the time necessary to constitute a spiritual public.