show reflections

La Colonie, Paris,
France at MN³ w/ Polychrome – Society of Silence


17 December 2016

translation is badly needed for french and german. As well that the people who act as interlocuters are told ahead of time that we would like them to speak ahead of time to people in their own language; I dont think its fair of me to spring this on them the night of the show. It is so important for this project to happen. We have to make links to people ahead of the show. We would like to make recordings of peoples intentions for change that we can live trigger during the show, but we are wondering about how to do this dynamically so that it is a smooth trigger of clean samples. Especially when there is a lot of
noise prior to the show how do we get samples that are clean enough.

We are living in a slippery place, a ritual, a show, a concert venue, an expectation of a theater. Not wanting to force anyone to do anything, not wanting to tell anyone how to participate. This is in a music venue for the most
part ,except that the show is long, that there is a lot of expectation of our audience. We have tried now several times to do the show n the club context and each time I have the impression that the show is just a little bit too long for some people, that they would like to duck out, that unless they are entirely swept under and with us, they fall detached, they wonder how to stay within this.

Every time we do this show, I do not finish with a sense of euphoria, I finish with a sense of critical awareness of how I have now achieved the best show possible. I finish with a sense that I am in unchartered territory, even that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. That I am trying something that is difficult and I am not really able to entirely pull it off. But I also finish with the distinct feeling that I should continue on, because so many people give me the
feedback that they felt it was incredible, sometimes the most amazing thing they have ever seen, sometimes that they think they needed it, that “something” in the room happened, that they experienced euphoria, that they felt transformed. So I continue on of course, I mean, we do. And I want to.

The ground feels fresh and fragile to me. I know that not everyone feels transformed, or even touched. I know that some people hate it. I know that some people feel alienated, or leave. But others feel transformed. Others
feel hopeful. Others at least feel that it is the right challenge to be taking on. They sometimes also offer constructive feedback. In this case, one person said it was too long, which confirmed a hunch of mine.

In answer to this we would like to ask that when we agree with a venue ahead of time that indeed we will do a full club show, that we take on the idea of fully
going into this … perhaps by opening with breathing (I did bring this consciously into my movement, but we are speaking of something even deeper, more conscientious). Then perhaps by going into yoga, or eating together, or having some other kind of meditative incantation.

I still feel that I havenot created a clear enough “entrance”, or “partition” into
the circle, an entry for the audience into the ritual. It is ratherthat I enter their space, not that we enter a fresh space together. I find this problematic. We have to work towards the goal of full immersion, which requires a level of volume, the project, the lights. One where we all feel taken inside a space. And the bar is not a distraction.