Adrienne of performance duo Hyenaz explains her intrigue: “I come from a critical theory background, but some things haven’t been explained by rationalism and science,” About three years ago, Hyenaz were commissioned to do a cleansing ritual at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. As they developed the piece, someone left behind a book at her flat: “Prime Chaos by Phil Hine, about a kind of postmodern, eclectic magic.” Her partner Kate continues: “She proposed using the book for our artistic process. Some of the things we read were already inherent to our performance: how we engage with people, how we focus our energy, concentrating on wanting something to happen. We found a formula for a heightened state of energy – to reach a climax that creates an opening point.” Hyenaz offer a ritualistic, interactive spectacle. “I use an element of glamour just to channel attention and focus,” explains Adrienne. “It’s not that I have more magic than anyone else there. I just want to be an instrument that helps people engage with magic.” Kate says she wouldn’t dare call herself a witch or a magician or a shaman – she simply believes there is divine power inside each of us. “I hope we can go toward a place where we see each other as powerful, important beings, beyond our bodies. This is also how I think about queerness. We can relate to each other in a different way, not based on how our bodies look.