Studio for rent

200€ per day (8 hours) / Booking requests here: Contact

We are currently offering our studio in Kreuzberg for daily rental. This is a special space that is a big part of Berlin’s queer musical history, present and future.

The room is a completely treated “room within a room”. That means, very few reflections and next to no ambient sound emerging from outside. It is therefore perfect for recording live instruments, composing in piece, or mixing and mastering.

The room is equipped with 2 KRK Rockit 6 monitors and an RME Babyface interface.

We also make the following equipment available to rent:

  • Warbler MK-IV Condensor Microphone
  • Electrovoice RE-20 Microphone
  • Ableton Push 1
  • StudioLogic Numa Nano: 88-Key USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller
  • Novation Remote 25 SL Compact Midi Controller
  • Behringer UMX 610: 61-Key USB/Midi Controller
  • DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Twister