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  • Queering Audibility (with Eyk Kauly)

    Queering Audibility (with Eyk Kauly)

    The collaborative show “Queering Audibility” by Eyk Kauly and HYENAZ explores the intersection of deafness and sound art through performance and sign language, challenging traditional notions of audibility.

  • Audibility (feat Donato Laborante)

    Audibility (feat Donato Laborante)

    Listen: https://listen.music-hub.com/tXVO4gBuy: https://hyenazhyenaz.bandcamp.com/track/audibility In their audiovisual artwork Audibility, HYENAZ delve into the politics of sound, inviting viewers to reconsider their relationship to the audible and inaudible, to silence and silencing. Filmed in an ancient man-made cave in the Murgia region of southern Italy, poet Donato Laborante delivers a poetic exploration of different forms of silence(s),…