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  • HYENAZ x Aérea Negrot: Pain Can Be A Place

    HYENAZ x Aérea Negrot: Pain Can Be A Place

    Presentations 2nd June 2024 IT’S LOVER, LOVE – Wake for Lost Ones, Xposed Film Festival, Aquarium, Berlin In 2022, director Yony Leyser asked HYENAZ to develop a sound design for his film The Fourth Generation, which starred and was loosely based/not based on the life-force that is Aérea Negrot—singer, producer, DJ, and performer. One morning, Aérea…

  • Queering Audibility (with Eyk Kauly)

    Queering Audibility (with Eyk Kauly)

    The collaborative show “Queering Audibility” by Eyk Kauly and HYENAZ explores the intersection of deafness and sound art through performance and sign language, challenging traditional notions of audibility.

  • Art and Extractivism Reading Group

    Art and Extractivism Reading Group

    READING AND DISCUSSING TOGETHER. This reading group is especially oriented towards reading together rather than reading outside the group. We hope that this close reading strategy can be a small act of resistance against the cultural colonization of Western academia, the hegemony of English, and the codified distinctions between the academic and the “non-academic” or…

  • Sivan ben Yishai – Like Lovers Do (Memoiren der Medusa)

    Sivan ben Yishai – Like Lovers Do (Memoiren der Medusa)

    Written by Sivan Ben YishaiGerman Translation by Maren KamesAudiobook Sound Design by HYENAZ Book Presentation / Performative Reading: 24.03.2022 / Volksbühne Berlinhttps://www.suhrkamptheater.de/theater/sivan-ben-yishai-like-lovers-do-memoiren-der-medusa-v-40388 Medusa wird im Mythos vom Gott der Meere vergewaltigt, woraufhin sie sich in eine geflügelte Gestalt mit Schlangenhaaren verwandelt, deren Anblick jeden zu Stein erstarren lässt. Medusas gewaltvolle, kaleidoskopisch angelegten Memoiren sind bei…

  • Regarding everyone and everything in the light of the irreplaceable

    As sound artists we make and take recordings. Can we talk about extracting minerals from a landscape and extracting sounds in the same breath? Are they manifestations of the same phenomenon? In what ways are they the same and in what ways are they different. Extracting minerals is removing something from a landscape leaving behind…