“Berlin-based performance/dance/electronic duo HYENAZ have created a jarring and visceral collaboration between performance and recording with their video for “Proximity”. The naked body’s contorted movements cut off and segmented from the illusion of fluidity that visual recording gives us. Each movement is captured and displayed independent of one another, our eyes missing crucial information between each glitchy jump cut. Our brain make up for that lost information in what we assume to be a linear fashion until something else disrupts that narrative and we are flung back to a state of pre-processing – where sound and image swim before our senses devoid of context. All that flesh circling but never quite touching each other. Coming into close proximity before being dashed apart by even more flesh, mirrors the way our brains come close to constructing a through-line narrative while unaware of the movement taking place beyond our immediate gaze. An analogy for existing with other people? There’s a lot to take in during this glitch banger.”