Repository for Magical Intentions

We have created this digital repository for your magical intentions:

You can also send them via twitter: @hyenazhyenaz ‪#‎probabilitypraxis‬

Or simply bring them with you hand written.


Probability praxis is not about enacting any singular act of magic in a
moment, but part of envisioned long term commitment to use a continuum
of small, eminently reachable acts of magic to shift consciousness and
move energy in the world.

It is a decentralised act of magic, not
relying solely on the magical intentions of the magician but drawing on
the hopes, desires and insights of the magical circle gathered at each

We ask you therefore to meditate for 10 minutes on the following questions, and record your answers below:

[1] What would you change about the world?
[2] What would you change about yourself?
[3] What makes you feel angry?
[4] what inspires passion inside you?