Migrants removed from train: Breclav, Czech Republic

We saw maybe 100 migrants get pulled off the train in Breclav, Czech on the way from Budapest to Ostrava. The trains separated and the police came through with flashlights and big barking voices asking for everyone’s passport. Then they pulled one by one everyone off. Babies sleeping in the arms of men and young kids clinging to their parents. I saw a woman wearing a blond wig carrying an infant. Her other child was walking besides her. Four years old maybe. I guess she thought it might help her to look blond. None of the people pulled off made a sound, not a child or a baby was crying or anyone was protesting. There was no shouting or crying or wailing or anything. It was completely silent and they were completely compliant. I felt so useless. Then as we pulled away they were made to walk down the platform, the whole group, at least 100, no one made a sound. I couldnt even get a read on their faces. Maybe they were just glad they had made it out of their country maybe they just knew it would be like this.