We spent several hours today sorting through and giving out shoes at an infomigrant assistance point. Toddler shoes size 20. Adult shoes all kinds. Donations of old boots. migrants would come in, exchange their worn shoes, mostly they wanted the brand new tennis shoes which were stuffed with styrofoam (Converse and Vans should really consider -instead of outfitting bands-switching to refugees.) Some Roma people came and tried to take advantage of the new shoes and were told they couldn’t have them. Old shoes were thrown out and later I saw a man sorting all the shoes out the dumpster. Around the corner a gentrification plan for housing called “eagle hills” is advertised and John Travolta tells us with his wry smile “welcome to my world” -the world of Breitling. We have a surplus. We need to redistribute. And yes even in these situations of crisis it is possible and plausible to recycle (why isn’t it happening?!?). These issues of migration connect not just back to war but back to environment. We all play a role.