Artist talk at Pangea-Haus and Ex Situ Documentary Premiere

4 May 2022: Pangea-Haus, Berlin

Hyenaz will present audio visual works and short performances as they discuss their ongoing “Foreign Bodies project. The project utilises field recording as a means to explore and spark meaningful discussion around the control and management of bodies, the movement of bodies across borders, and the relationship of bodies to each other.

Hyenaz will premiere the short documentary about their collaboration Ex Situ with the Gambian singer Yusuph Suso. Ex Situ explores how human beings exist in past, current, and future homeland(s) through an interactive web app and algorithmic musical programming to integrate the voices of the audience into an evolving sonic artwork.

Since beginning the project in 2015, Hyenaz have committed to slow travel using trains, buses, and hitchhiking while conducting interviews and capturing ambient sounds for Foreign Bodies. In this reflective presentation, Hyenaz will describe the research that has taken them to a refugee camps in Dunkirk, a community kitchen in Calais, a migrant resource center in Belgrade, an open camp in Budapest, train stations and temporary camps along the Balkan route, youth refugee houses and detention centers in Trapani and Palermo, indigenous lands in Australia, social justice collectives in Greece, queer-feminist anti-military conferences in Ukraine and Armenia, art collectives and squats in Albania, Bosnia-Herzogovia and Bulgaria.