Techniques for Auditory Resistance

A politically-informed field recording and sound design workshop



30 June, 2022Kampnagel, Hamburg
July 2015Kviv, Ukraine
July 2017Yerevan, Armenia
13-15 October 2017betOnest, Stolpe, Germany
16-20 July 2018CLASTIC – European Performing Arts Residency, Valchiusella, Italy

Using a variety of tools, with an emphasis on free and open source software, we explore a variety of approaches to creating sound in an electronic music context, including the manipulation of field recordings through sampling, digital synthesis and vocal recordings. We explore techniques of arrangement to create sonic landscapes from the sounds that emerge and think about how we can develop sound art that responds to the experiences of those gathered as well our physical context. We consider the perhaps unanswerable question: is it possible to gain consent in recording a landscape, an object, an animal…?