Category: Collaborations

  • Oder: Du verdienst deinen Krieg (8 Soldiers Moonsick)

    Oder: Du verdienst deinen Krieg (8 Soldiers Moonsick)

    Von Sivan Ben YishaiRegie Sasha Marianna SalzmannSounddesign: HYENAZ Team: Bühne + Kostüme: Cleo Niemeyer, Dramaturgie: Rebecca Ajnwojner, Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Anna Heesen, Licht: Fritz Stötzner, Ton: Miloš Janjić,Übersetzung: Maren Kames Berliner Morgenpost: Das sind die besten Inszenierungen des Jahres Eingeladen zum Radikal Jung – Festival für junge Regie 2020. Premiere: 8. November 2019 Gorki Studio Я Acht Frauen proben in einem Militärcamp den Ernstfall,…

  • Peaches x Clusterfuck

    Peaches x Clusterfuck

    Showings KW Berlin 18.09.2021 Transart, Bozen 09.09.2021 Theaterformen, Hannover 28.06.2021 Volksbühne, Berlin 28-31.12.2019 Musikhuset Aarhus 31.08.2019 Royal Festival Hall, London 29.08.2019 Kampnagel, Hamburg 15-17.08.2019 Deutsche Oper 28.06.2019 The CLUTERFUCK ensemble was born when PEACHES asked HYENAZ to choreograph a group of contemporary dancers for the Deutsche Oper Aus Dem Hinterhalt performance of Don Quichotte. In…

  • Instinct


    Streaming: Instinct is a queer metaphysical love story that weaves itself through real and imagined sexual encounters across darkrooms, forest cruising zones, and highway shoulders. Immersive and deeply layered, the film presents fantastical playgrounds where bodies imagine themselves in a multiplicity of forms and long for encounters without preconceived notions of what other…

  • The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck

    The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck

    A metaphysical trip of self discovery, from the seven principles of Hermetism to the seven keys to master our lives (Inspired by true fuckts) Streaming PinkLabel – SexSchool Screenings: Credits:

  • W(a)rmholes


    Five queer Berliners of different generations and backgrounds take the audience on a performative journey through Berlin’s queer history between Pankow and Schöneberg, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, Mahlsdorf and Charlottenburg. In search for the intersections of queer identities in a collective consciousness, they liquefy time, space, body and gender and connect with ancestors and future generations.…

  • The Beauty of ReveRso

    The Beauty of ReveRso

    Credits Starring: ReveRsoWith Thea Adora Bauer, Chika Takahashi, Julietta la Doll, Yeorg Kronnagel, and SekouMusic: HYENAZMake-up Artist: Yeorg KronnagelCostume Design: ReveRso and Yeorg KronnagelSound Design: Joscha EickelProduction Assistant: Leo Carnein, Christoph BrunnerDirector of Photography, Editing, and Postproduction: Lukas KunzmannWritten, Produced, and Directed by Brent AdamExecutive Producer: Rainer Spix @ Who’s McQueen Selected Festivals

  • Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution

    Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution

    HYENAZ composed the original score for this Yony Leyser documentary about the emergence of the Queercore scene and the attendant history of queer and feminist music. What happens when the community you need is not the community you have? Tell yourself it exists over and over, make fan zines that fabricate hordes of queer punk…

  • Paula Temple – Gegen (I Want to Move HYENAZ Edit)

    Paula Temple – Gegen (I Want to Move HYENAZ Edit)

    Gegen (I Want to Move HYENAZ Edit) by Paula Temple The HYENAZ edit of Paula Temple’s techno classic “Gegen” was been featured in the Electronic Beats “Right to Assemble!” playlist, which explores music as an agent of change. Read more: So many assumptions are made about why people choose to move, who has the…

  • Spectral Rite

    Spectral Rite

    Showings: MULTI-ARTS PROJECT II Annyeong! Hello!National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul 27-31.08.2014 A collaboration between HYENAZ, Sylbee Kim & Nico Pelzer. Through the aural and visual act of the procession, Spectral Rite explores the architectural condition and the institutional environment of MMCA Seoul. Berlin-based performance duo HYENAZ incarnate as androgynous celestial beings, beautiful…