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Queer Talks w. Nóra Ugron

Queer Talks: HYENAZ and Nóra Ugron on art, extractivism and continuity from a queer, decolonial and posthuman perspective. The talks were part of the complementary programme of the exhibition “Feel ~ Drift ~ Sing” in Triumf Amiria.

The non-consensual field of consent within which the consent is extracted

to a data set. That set was created from analysis about me. But “I” am not a data set and “I” as I arrived into the world did not consent to being a data set, in fact one could say my infancy qualified me as “not able to give consent.” My a/liveness was debatable, so my parents took over the acts of consenting to the extent that they were asked. It was said that I was born in January. I was given an identification number. I had no penis; I was recorded as FEMALE….

Synth Library Prague

Art and Extractivism: Close Reading and Discussion facilitated by HYENAZ at Synth Library Prague 15.09 at 19:00 | Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1569668533380116 Join us for an artist talk by Berlin based duo HYENAZ.HYENAZ: ART AND EXTRACTIVISMWhat is extraction? From the Cambridge Dictionary online, extraction is the process of taking out or removing something, especially by force.…


Extraction is the forthcoming audio visual and performative work in HYENAZ Foreign Bodies series and explores how extractive processes are replicated within the arts, and how we can find ways to resist and mediate those processes. The initial research phase of this project began in June 2021 through Fonds Darstellende Künste #TakeCare program. The residency…

Compendium of Tactics*

The following compendium is a by-no-means-exhaustive list of accountability practices during the field recording, filming and collaborative phase of a project. These practices are designed to upset, disrupt, and subvert extractivist or exploitative relationships which may otherwise occur during an artistic “exchange”. They have been compiled as result of research, conversations and experience gathered in…

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