Artist Talk at Synth Library Prague

Art and Extractivism: Close Reading and Discussion facilitated by HYENAZ at Synth Library Prague

15.09 at 19:00 | Event Page:

Join us for an artist talk by Berlin based duo HYENAZ.HYENAZ: ART AND EXTRACTIVISMWhat is extraction? From the Cambridge Dictionary online, extraction is the process of taking out or removing something, especially by force. Extractivism situates these processes in the global capitalist economy, highlighting the ways in which these processes are often exploitative, semi-consensual, non-reciprocal or less than reciprocal. Although the term is most widely used to refer to environmental extractivism, its also been used in contexts such as the extraction of human surplus labour, and “new extractivism(s)” such as digital content, intellectual property and new or more abstract economies of emotional labour and care. What we are proposing is to think about how extractivism is used within artistic economies, among and between artists and “non-artists”, to extract from each other as well as to extract labour and identity from our very selves.The art and extractivism conversation series and standing reading group situates all kinds of “innocent practices” as carrying the potential for exploitation and harm. We use extraction as metasignifier—we include the extraction of (creative) labour from (precarious) bodies, minerals, gas and water from the ground, sounds, words and images from sentient beings, as well as the “mining of the exotic” from our very selves. In response we ask: What are the problematics of extraction which appear within (always-already) hierarchical collaborations? How can processes compromised by extractive dynamics resist extraction? How can we name them, rather than erase them? What are the limitations of the extractivist framework? Are there other ways of finding reciprocal relations between artists, subjects, and nature?
⇨ WHEN: September 15th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
⇨ WHERE: Synth Library, Pod Terebkou 15
⇨ REGISTRATION: [email protected]
⇨ FEE: free / name your price (recommended 100 – 200 CZK)⇨ ANY QUESTIONS? [email protected]

HYENAZ are Berlin-based sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher. The immersive performances, dance tracks, soundscapes, performative installations and a/v works they produce utilize the sonic shape-shifting of field recordings gathered in the process of site-specific works.Through their immersive live performances at spaces such as Berghain, Museum Modern Contemporary Art, Seoul and SXSW, HYENAZ have looked at the possibilities and importance of physical touch and wrestle with how the body operates inside new sets of seemingly opposing forces, ie “the virtual and the real.” Yet the arrival of a global pandemic has brought into sharp focus new conditions and limitations to physical engagement. It has created heightened awareness around the importance of redefining community and creative forms of “touch”. HYENAZ welcome the challenge of continuing their practice of somatic based performance in these changing and alienating will perform on the 16th September at Cross Attic as part of Culture Get-Together 2021

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