Category: Workshops

  • Stillicidum: die Tränen des Steines

    Stillicidum: die Tränen des Steines

    A workshop with HYENAZ exploring animacy, consent, deep listening and authentic movement, in relationship with stone.

  • Techniques for Auditory Resistance

    Techniques for Auditory Resistance

    Workshop Dates 30 June, 2022 Kampnagel, Hamburg 16-20 July, 2018 CLASTIC – European Performing Arts Residency, Valchiusella, Italy 13-15 October, 2017 betOnest, Stolpe, Germany 1-7 July 2017 Armenia 19-21 July, 2015 Kyiv, Ukraine “Techniques for Auditory Resistance” is a workshop and installation in sound design and field recording, facilitated by the renowned sound artists HYENAZ.…