Sound in Stone: Day 7

Sunday 5th March 2023

We wake up and make a sound expedition through the house, moving from room to room, taking the objects we found, and exploring the affordances they give. We take video and pictures as well, with the vague idea of making an integrated audiovisual work.

Some powerful moments are discovering an unused daily planner from the 1880s, sounding on an old copper cooking pot, and a poignant melody that plays itself through Adrienne’s hands when we commune with the old baby grand piano in the salon. The piano is a degree out of tune and the melody seems to quiver in the air around us.

Piano melody

We take the afternoon to drive to the coast, to Trani, and we have deep, hard conversations about the way we work together and the way we relate to one another. We walk along the docks and jetties and in the cold bright sun of early spring, time seems to quiver, like a stone breaking in two.