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HYENAZ “Binaries” Video Out Now On Vice Magazine’s Thump

The new HYENAZ video is out on Vice Magazine’s Thump, with a stirring text by Thump’s editor Thomas Vorreyer:

In Zeiten, in denen diejenigen die meiste Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, die am lautesten schreien, es gäbe nur zwei Geschlechter und es gäbe nur ein Gut und ein Böse, kann einen Song wie “Binaries” vom Duo HYENAZ nicht laut genug aufdrehen.

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Album Launch at Urban Spree Friday 21 October 2016

HYENAZ CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술 and Critical Magic Remixed
21.10.2016 on SPRINGSTOFF <>
Album Artwork: VESUV



21st October 2016

Urban Spree, Revaler Str. 99, Berlin, Germany




On the mystifying and fierce CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술, HYENAZ followed a pattern set in their earlier works of beginning not with an eye for genre or some other music industry straightjacket, but with a set of personal, political and artistic commitments that they desired to enact and live up to.

“Our goal,” they explain “was to concoct a singular cohesive spell to disrupt the authoritarian power networks that deeply structure our lives and our sense of our selves.”

Ranging widely across electronc musical genre, CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술 commands a torrent of incantations, builds to a height of gnosis, and ends in a reality transformed. The sonic elements of the album are comprised of dedicated experiments in synthesis and intensive field recordings, arranged into diverse sonic atmospheres.

The music and texts for Critical Magic emerged from the site specific performance “Spectral Rite” at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul; in collaboration with the artists Sylbee Kim and Nicolas Pelzer. Critical Magic was mixed by HYENAZ and Bartłomiej Kuźniak. High definition mastering by Bartłomiej Kuźniak at studio333.


Remix Vinyl:

HYENAZ will also unveil Critical Magic Remixed. Each cut on this vinyl release presents a shard of the vast genre-bending nocturnal world that is the Berlin electronic underground. In this melee, witch-house rises above neo-pop and descends, more than once, into dark techno. The vinyl highlights artists from HYENAZ vast network of alternative, queer, feminist and gender non-conforming friends and collaborators including Autist, Ena Lind (Mint), hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Akme x B333, Strip Down, DFUMH, Borusiade (Cómeme).


Electro superstar PEACHES calls HYENAZ a “performative monster duo” for their outrageous and energetic live performances, and this night will feature the debut of the new HYENAZ CRITICAL MAGIC 비평 적 마술 live show–a 16 group ritual spell based in contact, sound and movement to break physical and mental isolation and to spark discourse that is both critical and utopian.

Alongside will be the coterie of collaborators, remixers and performers who helped make CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술 possible. The exact line up will be confirmed shortly.

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HYENAZ to release Critical Magic and Critical Magic Remixed on SPRINGSTOFF October 21st

    Cover_3000x3000-1024x1024                            Hyenaz_Vs_vinyl_1000x1000

Am 21. Oktober erscheint ihr zweites Album “Critical Magic 비평 적 마술”. Die Musik klingt mystisch und wild zugleich. Für “Critical Magic 비평 적 마술” verwenden Hyenaz postmoderne Spiritualität und koreanische Schnitt-Techniken, um ein Werk zu schaffen, das klanglich erfrischt: ein experimentell elektronisches Dance-Album, das die Hörenden verzaubert.
Ihr könnt das Album ab sofort in unserem Shop vorbestellen – als CD oder als Remix-Vinyl mit Download-Code zum gesamten Album mit Remixes von Ena Lind, DFUMH, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Akme, B333, Borusiade und Strip Down
Für die wunderbaren Covergrafiken ist übrigens VESUV verantwortlich. #hyenaz #criticalmagic #newmusic #release

Hyenaz – Critical Magic 비평적 마술 (CD)

Releasedate: 21.10.2016

Nie statisch, immer im Fluß: Das elektronische Duo HYENAZ bezeichnen ihre Musik als den Saft, der in ihren Körpern fließt. HYENAZ (Mad Kate & XIL) verstehen elektronische Musik und Performance als Instrument zur politischen und persönlichen Transformation. Ihr zweites Album „Critical Magic 비평 적 마술“ (2016) klingt mystisch und wild zugleich. Für „Critical Magic 비평 적 마술“ verwenden Hyenaz postmoderne Spiritualität und koreanische Schnitt-Techniken, um ein Werk zu schaffen, das klanglich erfrischt: ein experimentell elektronisches Dance-Album, das die Hörenden verzaubert.


Never content to remain static, electronic duo HYENAZ are creatures with their skin peeled off; their music is the juice that flows from their excoriated body. HYENAZ (Mad Kate & XIL) are passionate about electronic music and performance as a tool of political and personal transformation. Now bursting forth with their second album, the mystical and fierce CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술, Hyenaz engage chaos magic critical theory and Korean cut/ups to create a work which is sonically refreshing: the electronic dance album as a singular cohesive spell.

Tracklist Album Critical Magic 비평적 마술 (CD):

1 | We open a portal문을 열어라
2 | Come Together 이리와
3 | We are water flowing to what end우리는 흘러흘러 어디로 가나
4 | Centering 모이기
5 | It was not the Earth 지구가 아니야
6 | What are we traces of? 우리는 무엇의 자국인가요
7 | Octomantic Ritual 팔방향 의식
8 | Our Intention 우리의 뜻
9 | Clean and Unclean 깨끗하고 더러운
10 | Binaries 두가지들
11 | What can we dream here? 우리 여기서 무슨 꿈을 꿀까
12 | Oh so bright 눈부셔
13 | Dongdaemun동대문
14 | Depart the Octagon 팔각형에서 벗어나자
15 | Born From Death 죽음으로 태어나지
16 | Banishing추방