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HYENAZ Critical Magic 비평적 마술 to be released on Springstoff this October

On the mystifying and fierce CRITICAL MAGIC 비평적 마술, to be released by Springstoff (Berlin) on 21 October, Hyenaz deploy postmodern spirituality and experimental poetry to create a work which is sonically refreshing: the electronic dance album as a singular cohesive spell.

Ranging widely across electronic musical genre, CRITICAL MAGIC commands a torrent of incantations, builds to a height of gnosis, and ends in a reality transformed. The sonic elements of the album are comprised of dedicated experiments in synthesis and intensive field recordings, arranged into diverse sonic atmospheres according to the ritualistic practices HYENAZ immersed themselves in during the recording process and in their visceral live performances.

Originally sketched for a performance at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul; in collaboration with the artists Sylbee Kim and Nico Pelzer, CRITICAL MAGIC began with the idea of reimagining the defunct concept of the musical album as a magical ritual. But it is “critical” in the sense that HYENAZ hope to challenge the growing authoritarian mood in Europe and the world at large, not by waving a wand, but through intense and concentrated work in the real world.

i want to move! HYENAZ Edit Paula Temple’s “Gegen”

Proceeds from the sale of this track are being matched one for one by Paula Temple and all will be donated to the O Platz Refugee Movement (


So many assumptions are made about why people choose to move, who has the right to move, and who does not, who can simply travel on a whim and who must risk everything to leave their lands for others. Our sense of time and space is increasingly unbounded, as access to knowledge, art and the public sphere shared through electronically mediated communication. Yet so many still have to risk death or internment to cross national borders physically, with access to migration arbitrarily determined by pieces of paper distributed along class and racial lines.

We were inspired by Paula’s powerful track Gegen, whose title refers to the German word for “against” and already expresses the dichotomous terms in which media and political discourses discuss migration: Are you for or against migration? How do “we” oppose the “others” who are against “our” way of life. The urgency of its siren-like lead synth speaks to the militarised policing of national borders and the desperation that pushes people to risk everything in order to exercise the human right to move freely.

We wish to thank Bartłomiej Kuźniak at Studio 333 with whom we recorded the vocals and who later mastered the finished track. Paula Temple Gegen (I Want to Move HYENAZ edit) out now on Reveller Records Berlin.

Vocal Editing & FXs – Hyenaz;
Music by Paula Temple;
High Definition Vocal Recording, Mixing and Mastering – Bart Kuzniak @ Studio 333