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Critical Magic Live in Berlin

Critical Magic at Freaky Friday
28th November
Madame Claude, Berlin

Returning from our three month tour through Korea, China, Japan and Italy, HYENAZ will bring this leg of the Critical Magic tour to a close with an intimate performance at Madame Claude, Berlin. We will be presenting work from our upcoming second album “Critical Magic”, developed in part for the site specific performance “Spectral Rite” at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Korea, with artists Sylbee Kim and Nico Pelzer.

Please join us.

DJ SET: ALICE GIFT (Velvet Condom/Rock, Glam, Waves/FR, Berlin)

Friday 28th November | Start 21.30
Madame Claude, Lübbener Straße 19, Berlin
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Tour Reflections

We return from our tour overwhelmed by the convergence of communism and consumerism, glimpses of a future both inspiring and terrifying. We began the project “Critical Magic” as an attempt to combat the forces of instrumental rationality – a cold, rationalistic way of thinking that sees human beings as a means to either nationalistic or economistic ends. This project forces us to confront the way that we as artists buy into this system every time we commodify our music, jump on airplanes, or pass freely through countries with our coveted Western passports while so many people are denied the freedom of movement.

One particularly notable incident occurred when we ordered merchandise for our Chinese tour – a set of t-shirts and bags – from a supplier in Shanghai. The materials, which had been digitally printed in China came with labels that read “Made in Bangladesh”, showing that now China is outsourcing its production to countries with even lower wages and poorer conditions. We acknowledge our role in these structures and intend to make more sustainable and humanistic choices as artists.

Critical Magic Tour China – new dates added +++++

Critical Magic Tour NEW DATES ADDED!
9月17日 青岛 DownTown Bar
9月18日 合肥 On The Way
9月19日 Shanghai LOGO
9月20日 南京 古堡酒吧
9月21日 厦门 Real Live
9月24日 广州 345 Loft
9月25日 广州 凹凸空间
9月26日 深圳 B10
9月27日 香港 Musician AREA
9月30日 杭州 XX Cafe
10月1日 上海 迷笛音乐节

HYENAZ 等于疯狂的凯特 &TUSK ——在这个贪食蛇游戏一般的世界里,他们是食物链的最末端,一种很奇特的生物,发出一连串过剩的声响,从现代文明到商业化物质的反响。音乐的节奏和贝斯旋律从早期HOUSE,工业到R&B,人声从灵魂,布鲁斯,到PLOG-ROCK,歌词是朋克诗歌,一张张碎纸片——记载着被控制的难忍,最后通过歌唱解脱。合成器演绎的是金属摇滚和90年代怀旧音乐的刮擦。他们的现场,视觉,文字是他们从周围的零零种种的精心挑选,重新用他们的身体去感觉和表达。他们的首张专辑从矛盾中心出发,只存在在这个时代的音乐,受着时间的束缚,具有着21世纪人类的不稳定性。HYENAZ是一个,不被归类的,无瑕疵的生物,他们雌雄同体的血肉在数据技术和神圣之间的薄冰边缘如履。

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