Perimeter is the latest audio visual work and performance intervention by HYENAZ. It asks the question: what does it feel like to understand oneself as “just outside” and yet also “just barely inside” an identity, a concept, a philosophy, a group, a family, a home, a situation, a gathering? What is the feeling of just barely belonging? Both inside and outside? What is it like to be “foreign” to a place which is familiar? What is foreign inside?

HYENAZ invited three other performers to each investigate one territory of which they feel themselves to be on the “perimeter”. Adrienne Teicher chose the perimeter of Jewishness. Kathryn Fischer (Mad Kate) chose the perimeter of sisterhood. Mmakgosi Kgabi chose the perimeter of joy. Martini Cherry Furter chose the perimeter of the “real self,” and Simon(è) Jaikiriuma Paetau chose the perimeter of the peripheric body. Each performer explored these ideas initially in a filmed interview, and later, in a performative interpretation.

Perimeter is the third audio-visual work and performative intervention in our Foreign Bodies series. Styling was created by Yeorg Kronnagel and cinematography by Robert Mleczko. This work is supported by MusicBoard Berlin and will be released 3 June 2021 in conjunction with the EP Release, which includes the original track plus remixes by IXA and Maya Postepski aka Princess Century.